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A complete app for prayers


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Athan: Prayer Times Quran More is an app that lets you read the Koran, keep a record of your prayers, check the events calendar, find the nearest mosque, and do many other things. From the pull-out menu on the left side of the screen you can quickly access all the sections in the app.

The Koran has been translated and transliterated and you can also create bookmarks on any page so you can easily pick up where you left off. You can also use the search feature to quickly find any passage and even adjust the font size to make it easier on the eyes.

The mosque finder helps you ... well, find the nearest mosque. It can also show you the direction of the Mecca. The calendar will keep you posted on the dates of important holidays.

Athan: Prayer Times Quran More is a really complete app with everything you could use in your everyday life if you practice the Muslim faith.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required.

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